40 pcs/2 Packs Immune Booster Anti Bacteria Virus Fungi Teabags


Package Include: 2 Packs = 40 teabags Immune Booster Tea


Description : Immunity refers to the body’s ability to resist external invasion and maintain the stability of the enviroment in the body.The air is full of various microorganisms, bacteria, viruses,mycoplasma,chlamydia, fungi and so on. Modern medical science has found that immunity is a factor closely related to aging,and decreased immune function is one of the most important causes of aging.


Ingredients list : Organic Echinacea purpurea herb,Organic Western Indian Lemongrass leaf,Organic spearmint leaf ,Poria,Cassia, Chinese yam, Coix seed ,honeysuckle ,Houttuynia cordata, Agastache rugosa.


Specifications:2.0g*20 bags

Usage : 3-4 bags per day , Take 1-2 bags into a cup once , and add the fresh boiled water,drink it after 5-10 mintues,and you can brew it repeatedly until tasteless, 2-3 times per day .

Indication: poor immunity people

Unsuitable for people :Not suitable for infants,children,lacating women and pregnant women .

Shelf life:24 months




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