WinsTown Liver detox tea for Alcoholic and fatty liver


Product name Liver Detox Tea (2.5g * 20bag )
Ingredients kudzu root, Chinese wolfberry, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, chrysanthemum, tangerine peel, tea (irradiated)
Function Protect liver, detoxify, clear eyes and clear fire

Prevention and treatment of liver diseases, such as fatty liver, alcoholic liver

Direction 1.put 1bag in a cup.
2.pour in fresh boiling water and mix the powder mushy state for 3-5 minutes.Every teabag can be repeated brew for 2-3
times until it diluted

3.You can also add lemon or honey according to personal taste

MOQ 20 Boxes
OEM,ODM Accept

Shipping by sea(LCL,FCL)or by air, as per buyer’s option